Published On: Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

Neerja Family dint charge any money for the rights

Sonam Kapoor starrer Neerja has been carrying immense buzz amongst the audiences for its content.

The film which is a real life story of Neerja Bhanot who sacrificed her life and saved many others in a plan hijack would be portrayed to the audiences on big screen on February 19th!

News is that the makers of the film haven’t paid any money for buying the right of the subject. When the idea of making a film on this particular case hit the makers, they immediately got in touch with Neerja Bhanot’s family who reside in Chandigarh. The makers met Neerja’s mother and her two brothers to discuss what they had in mind. After sharing the idea, Neerja’s brother just had one request, they did not ask for any money to purchase the right of the subject, Infact the family only said that to keep the honour of Neerja intact while the filming of the movie!

The makers as promised have made the film and the family is very happy and glad with the entire content and the way the movie has turned out to be.

Infact, Sonam also visited Neerja’s house in Chandigarh and met Neerja’s mom, Rama Bhanot (who recently passed away) and she expressed that how she felt her own daughter has walked in the house.

Neerja’s family has been present through it the journey of the film, the brothers were present at the trailer launch which took place at a suburban theatre.

“We are all touched by Neerja’s family’s gesture (of not asking for any money). We have all given more than our 100% to live up to their expectations, and do full justice to Neerja’s story,” says director Ram Madhvani.