Published On: Fri, Nov 22nd, 2013

Review : Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Gori_Tere_Pyaar_Mein Release date: 22nd November 2013 Rating : 2.75/5
Producer: Dharma Productions
Director: Punit Malhotra
Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar
Starring: Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shraddha Kapoor

Director Punit Malhotra gave Imran Khan one of his first hits in the form of with ‘I Hate Luv Stories’ and this combination is back once again with ‘Gori Tere Pyar Mein’. Starring the beautiful Kareena Kapoor, who had earlier worked with Imran in ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’, the film has hit the screens today alongwith another biggie in the form of Sunny Deol’s Singh Sahib The Great’. Let’s read on to see what ‘Gori Tere Pyar Mein’ is all about!


Sriram Venkat (Imran Khan) belongs to a rich Tamil family based in Bangalore and he is always on the receiving end from his parents for his careless attitude towards life. One fine day, he meets Dia (Kareena Kapoor) and promptly falls in love with her.

Though Dia hails from a rich family, she is quite grounded and spends a lot of time doing social work for the poor and needy. As time passes by, Sriram and Dia spend some lovely times together and decide to get married. However, an ugly incident involving Dia’s social work creates some huge differences between the love-struck couple.

Upset and distressed at the turn of events, Dia leaves Sriram and joins an NGO and starts living in a village. In parallel, Sriram also moves ahead in life and decides to marry Shabbu Patel (Shradda Kapoor). But, as the wedding date gets closer, Sriram starts realizing his love for Dia.

The rest of the story is about how Sriram follows Dia to the village and wins his love back.

Plus Points:

Once again, the feisty Kareena Kapoor steals the show in this film. Though she has a difficult role to portray, Kareena plays it with her characteristic ease while portraying her emotions quite well in the second half. Imran is decent as usual and plays his character convincingly.

The first half of the movie is quite interesting. While the scenes between Shradda and Imran have been narrated extremely well, the songs are another major plus for this movie.

Anupam Khan does a great job in his negative character while Shradda looks quite cute in her cameo.

Minus Points:

After a peppy and interesting first half, the second half is a bit slow when the focus shifts from the main leads to the problems in the village. The problems and issues showcased look artificial and while, one expects the romance to continue in the village, the social issues take center stage.

The narration lacks the punch as many scenes feel stretched. Certain portions of Kareena’s look remind you of her earlier film ‘Jab We Met’. The feel that every rom-com is typically associated with is lacking in the second half.

Technical Aspects:

Punit Malhotra takes a u-turn from his regular rom-coms and sets this movie in a village. His direction is apt during the first half as he gears the audience for an exciting second half, but all that is lost as the social issues are highlighted and the romance takes a backseat.

Vishal Shekhar’s music is outstanding and most of the tracks are entertaining. The background score is decent and dialogues are pretty simple.

The camerawork is quite good and showcases the urban and rural atmospheres beautifully. The village setup and its artwork in the entire second half is quite convincing. The screenplay is pretty decent as all the scenes have been conceptualized well.


On the whole, Gori Tere Pyar Mein has decent moments of a typical rom-com. But the lack of romance and dragged out second half might not be liked by every one. You can give it a shot for Imran and Kareena’s on screen chemistry, and the peppy music score.

Bollywood 3 rating : 2.75/5

Reviewed by Avad M.