Published On: Sat, May 26th, 2012

Review : Baashha – Rajini’s masterpiece comes back to life

Release date: 25 May 2012
Director : Suresh Krishna
Producer : Bhadra Kali
Music Director : Deva
Starring: Rajnikanth, Nagma, Raghuvaran.

Rajnikanth’s iconic blockbuster Baashha has released again today in Hindi. This film is a digitally remastered version of the original.Extensive DI work and sound remixing was done for this movie. Baashha is considered one of the best classics of South Indian cinema, so let us see how the film fares.


Manikchand (Rajnikanth) is a humble auto driver who leads a simple life along with his family. He also wants to keep away from unnecessary fights and quarrels. His main ambition in life is to bring up his brother and sisters successfully. Manik’s brother gets through the police training and waits for his posting. In the mean time Manikchand meets a rich girl (Nagma) who travels frequently in his auto. She develops a respect and passion for him due to his good nature.

A series of incidents happen in Manichand’s life, forcing a calm guy to rebel and reveal a different, powerful side. After the incident his curious family members confront Manikchand about his past.

Who is Manikchand? Where did he come from? What is his past and why does he live a very different life now? That forms the story.

Plus Points:

This is totally an out and out Rajnikanth film. He is just awesome in every part of the movie. He manages to do full justice to the two different roles he does in the movie. He shows great emotions as a family person and also as an angry young Mumbai don. His Mannerisms, dialogue delivery as the dreaded don deserve a special mention.

Nagma does full justice and looks glamorous in the role of a rich girl. Raghuvaran does an awesome job in the role of Anthony, as he matches eye to eye to Rajnikanth in his performance. Songs in the movie are decent. Director Suresh Krishna manages to maintain the pace of the movie and also has a sort of eagerness going among the audience. Rajnikanth’s strong screen presence holds the key for entire movie. Story of the movie is very good and beautifully written with an undercurrent emotion always flowing in the movie. Confrontation scenes between Rajnikanth and Raghuvaran are the highlight scenes of the movie.

Minus Points:

Though there are very less negative points in the movie, comedy could have been slightly better. After the flashback gets finished in the second half, the pace of the movie gets little slow and predictable. Action sequences in the movie are good for their time, but in the present day, they appear a little strange.

Technical Aspects:

Though the movie has been made a long time back, Baashha has good technical values. Screenplay is the highlight of the entire movie. Every scene is beautifully written and also enacted. Dialogues of the movie have attained cult status.

Cinematography is especially good in the slow motion scenes in the second half. Background score of the movie is impressive and gives the movie a good boost totally. A special mention must be made for the various sound effects generated for Rajnikanth’s different mannerisms. Editing of the movie is very sleek.


Baashha gave Rajnikanth a demi-god status down south. It is a highly enjoyable flick that is high on content, drama and dialogues. This is your chance to catch a yesteryear’s iconic blockbuster on the big screen once again.

Bollywood 3 Rating : As this is just a remastered version of a blockbuster movie which released way back in 1995, it is not prudent to rate it now. See and enjoy this classic.

Reviewed by Avad M.

Edited by Mahesh S Koneru