Published On: Thu, Apr 3rd, 2014

Movie Review : Jal

jal Release date:April 4 2014 Rating :1/5
Producer: Oneworld Films Pvt. Ltd.
Director: Girish Malik
Music Director: Sonu Nigam, Bickram Ghosh
Starring: Purab Kohli, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Kirti Kulhari

After impressing us with his act in ‘Rock On’, Purab Kohli is back with his next film which is the Girish Malik directed ‘Jal’. The movie released in theatres today and so let’s see what it has in store for the thirsty viewers…


The story opens with a small village in the barren but picturesque Rann Of Kutch where an orphan boy Bakka (Purab Kohli) lives in his friend Rakala and his sister Kanjri’s (Tannishtha Chatterjee) house. Bakka is considered the God of water as he is the one who finds out where the villagers need to dig to find water.

They have an ongoing rivalry with the neighboring village despite which Bakka falls in love with the village head’s daughter Kesar. The lives of villagers change after Margaret, a lady from Russia, enters their lives as she has come there in search of flamingoes that are spotted in Kutch during this time. She soon discovers that Kutch is now a drier land than it was before and that is the reason why the flamingoes are dying.

This is when the digging starts in search of water and Bakka helps the officials to find water. Bakka shines here as he is offered a government job and is married to Kesar. But pretty soon, his efforts go in vain and the land is barren again.

Will Bakka manage to bring water back to his land? What difficulties will he face during the process forms the rest of the story…

Positive Points:

The only good thing that Jal has is the lush visuals of Kutch and Purab Kohli. While the movie has been shot beautifully, the makers have ensure that they make the film look absolutely believable though appropriate use of costumes, the regional language used and the location.

Purab has proven his worth in his previous movies and with this one too, he looks absolutely effortless while Kirti Kulhari puts in an impressive act as well.

The movie conveys an important message and the concept is also good.

Negative Points:

With such a strong concept, any talented director could have easily come up with a fascinating film but unfortunately this surely wasn’t the case with Girish Malik who probably came on the sets with half-baked ideas. The movie falls apart in every aspect and the story isn’t engaging and makes the viewers bored after a mere 10 mins in the theatres.

Speaking of the cast, the story is so abrupt that the actors do not get the required space to explore their talent. Mukul Dev is over-the-top and gives one of the worst performances of his career.

There are also a few unwanted sequences including that of Purab and Kirti’s conjugal activities. Though their chemistry rocks, but it just seems to be an unnecessary addition to the plot.

By the climax, you will feel confused and think as to why was it over-hyped to such an extent. The plot is dragged and the screenplay is pathetic and the movie feels more of a low-budget documentary made by some school students than a full-fledged feature film.

Technical Aspects:

Even though the movie is visually appealing, one cannot see that for a stretch without any story-telling. There are not many songs in the movie, which is a good thing as the ones that are already there bore you to the core. Cinematographer Sunita Radia’s shots are stunning and a treat to watch.

How can I forget to mention the editor of the film, whose name couldn’t be found. He probably was hired for free as the editing of the film is so bad that at one time you may feel like you are watching 100 different movies at ones. Also the frequency of black-outs after every scene is a stress to the eyes. Overall, Girish Malik’s direction is bland.


Overall, Jal is a beautiful-looking film but is absolutely unwatchable. A work of art that fails miserably due to bad story-telling and even worse editing.

Bollywood3 Rating : 1/5

Reviewed by Neha Prashar Gupta