Published On: Fri, Dec 18th, 2015

Review : Dilwale (SRK, Kajol, Varun, Kriti Sanon)

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Release date : Dec 18, 2015 Rating : 3/5

Director : Rohit Shetty

Producer : Gauri Khan

Music Director : Pritam Chakraborty

Starring : SRK, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon

Rohit Shetty and Shahrukh Khan is a lethal combination and they are once again back with Dilwale. The pop corn entertainer has hit the screens today and let’s see how it turns out to be.


Raj( Shahrukh Khan) is simple and humble man who lives with his younger brother Veer(Varun Dhawan). As time passes by, Veer falls in love with Ishitha(Kriti Sanon) and some how convinces his brother to go talk to her family.

Raj agrees to it and lands at Ishtha’s house to speak to her sister. To his shock, Raj finds out that Ishita’s sister(Kajol) is none other than the one whom he shared a dreadful flashback 15 years back. An upset Raj leaves Meera’s house and disapproves his brother’s choice.

Why did Raj disapprove this marriage ? What is his relation with Meera ? Is there a past between the two of them ? What happens to Veer and his love story then ? To know all these answers, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Plus Points:-

You always know that magic is created whenever Shahrukh Khan and Kajol reunite on screen and the same happens in Dilwale too. The rocking couple is the biggest and only asset of the film. If not for SRK and Kajol, the film would have been yet another routine story at the box office. Once again, SRK does a good job in his mature role and impresses big time.

But it is Kajol who eats away all the credit. She looks drop dead gorgeous and has a very strong character in the film. She looks superb in all the romantic scenes in the first half and carries the film with a lot emotions during the second half. The lead pair’s crackling chemistry is at full swing and oozes freshness on screen.

Kriti Sanon gets a decent role and is pretty good in the film. Varun Dhawan plays SRK’s blue eyed boy and does his supporting role well. After a long gap, Johhny Lever gives a hilarious performance and evokes superb laughs. First half is packed with rich visuals and beautiful songs.

Minus Points:-

Dilwale suffers from a dragged out second half. Once the twists are revealed, the second half is dragged out way too much. Even though there is decent entertainment, after a point the film heads off track. Climax is also a bit cleashe and is wrapped up in a simple manner.

Story line is ages old and has absolutely nothing to offer. The emotions during the second half do not work out properly and Rohit Shetty adds unnecessary comedy scenes only to increase the run time. The relation between Kajol and Shahrukh has not been dealt properly during the second half and lacks clarity at times.

Technical Aspects:-

Dilwale has out of the box production values. The locations, songs, cars and all the fight sequences have been shot supremely well. Dialogues are hilarious and all the one liners and punches used work out well. Screenplay by Rohit Shetty lacks direction during the second half. Music by Pritam is very good and so was the background score.

Coming to the director Rohit Shetty, he heavily banks on the SRK-Kajol combo and weaves his story and screenplay around it. Even though he manages to entertain most of the time, the emotion which is associated in all his films is somewhere missing during the second half. However, he deals with lead pair cleverly and packs some decent entertainment.


Rohit Shetty films have never been high on story or performances. It is the way he packs solid entertainment in all his films and gives the family audience their full money’s worth. The same happens in Dilwale too but the quality of entertainment is a bit less this time as the second half has major flaws. Having said that, this film will do well at the box office for the star power and Sharukh-Kajol’s crackling chemistry. Rating : 3/5

Reviewed by Avad M