Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2016

Review : Captain America : Civil War

avengersRelease date : May 06, 2016 Rating : 3.75/5

Director : Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Producer : Kevin Feige

Music Director : Henry Jackman

Starring :Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson

The Avengers team has become Marvel Studios’ bread and butter for a while now. They set a new bar in 2012 with The Avengers, and in the years since then, they have repeatedly churned out films which have created their own loyal fan base all over the world. Now, one of their most awaited films, Captain America: Civil War has hit the screens. Let’s see how it fared.

Story :

Taking place about 12 months after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War starts off with a failed team mission in Africa which winds up causing a tremendous deal of collateral damage.

Due to the mission failure, Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) proposes a law called Sokovia Accords. If passed, Sokovia Accords will merge the superhero team into the government and the team will be working under the United Nations. Although Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) supports the Sokovia Accords, Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) is against the law.

This sparks off a civil war which quickly forces the remaining superheroes to choose sides between the two. Meanwhile, a mysterious man named Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) operates in secret, searching for key information tied to Bucky’s past.

Where all this ties together and the happenings that take place subsequently form the rest of the story.
Plus Points :

After a slight disappointment of Batman Vs Superman for superhero buffs, Captain America: Civil War comes as a breath of fresh air and manages to sweep them off their feet. Civil War unquestionably has the largest ensemble we have seen yet in a Marvel Studios movie and the amazing thing is that it creates tremendous characters that grab the viewers throughout the movie.

Even though the film contains a number of characters, they are woven spectacularly into the storyline. Civil War also posses a multitude of thrills that keep the viewers glued to the screen till the credits. The storyline of Civil War is very clever and turns out to be an amazing action thriller with a ton of intrigue and psychological issues blended into the overall story. Certain parts of the story are also very clever and deep.

Another thing that will be noticed instantly are the excellent production values of the film. The VFX is also top notch, especially a few scenes that stand out over the rest. Coming to the acting department, as usual Robert Downey and Chris Evans live their roles rather than act. Spiderman is an excellent addition with his cameo appearance.
Minus Points :

The weakest link of Civil War is that the formula of Superhero Vs Superhero is an old comic-book trick which is ages old. Towards the end, the film starts to mainly focus on the title characters, giving the other mostly supporting roles.

The film also slightly touches the line of overkill. The first half is filled with so much carnage and chaos, by the time the second half rolls around, the viewers have already seen everything. At 2 hours 27 minutes, Civil War is a tad on the longer side.

Technical Aspects :

The Russo duo, who had directed the previous Captain America film, turns out to do a tremendous job on this one. Handling the number of roles involved in the story, the duo succeeds in making it easy to understand as well as thrilling at the same time. The duo have also successfully managed to meet the high expectations attached to the film. They have also done well in that they have carried the theme of previous films into this one.

As with most Hollywood flicks CGI, especially during fights, is admirable. Editing is sharp but the runtime should have been reduced a tad. The fights, especially the airport one has been choreographed beautifully. Background score elevates important scenes and stand outs.

Verdict :

Overall, the film is a thrilling ride that the fans and all movie loves will not want to miss this summer. It might be a bit familiar, but the movie not only meets expectations, but it surpasses them. The movie also beautifully sets up the story to be continued in the subsequent Avengers flicks that will be releasing over the next few years. Rating 3.75/5