Published On: Fri, Jan 22nd, 2016

Review : Airlift (Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur)


Release date : Jan 22, 2016 Rating : 3.75/5

Director : Raja Krishna Menon

Producer : Nikhil Advani

Music Director : Amaal Mallik,Ankit Tiwari

Starring : Akshay Kumar,Nimrat Kaur

After Baby, Holiday and many such films that showcase patriotism in a whole new way, Akshay Kumar is back with yet another interesting film Airlift. The film which speaks of the largest evacuation in the history of the world is directed by Raja Krishna Menon has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it turns out to be.


Astute businessman Ranjt Katiyal (Akshay Kumar) lives in Kuwait with his loving wife (Nimrat Kaur) and daughter. He is powerful and suave and loves Kuwait in a way that he could never love India, inspite of being one.

He realizes his worth for his homeland only when the Iraqi soldiers invade Kuwait and all the Kuwaitis are forced to leave the country. He alone proves to be a huge helping hand in aiding 1.70 lakh Indians reach their homeland securely. How the whole mission is carried along forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:-

Apart from all the other things, the casting of the film is one of the paramount parts of the film. No other actor can be imagined or can even carry off a role like this better than Akshay Kumar. He doesn’t disappoint us even for an instance.

The actor is brilliant in every scene and the way in which he depicts numerous emotions time after another is applaud worthy. Nimrat, who has already proven her worth in The Lunch box, shines like a star in this as well. She is of great support to Akshay and portrays rage and grief perfectly. Belavadi, Inaamhulaq and Purab Kohli are extremely fabulous in their acts.

Negative Aspects:-

Climax of the film is a big hurried and could have been more explicable and better. The way things are wrapped up in a hurry is a bit of a let down after such an engrossing watch.

Technical aspects:-

From the taut narration, to the extremely engaging and remarkable storyline, everything about Airlift deserves a standing ovation. The screenplay is edge-of-the-seat and does not give you a single moment to look away. The cinematography is fabulous and is so is the editing.

The songs, which have already garnered much popularity are perfect and fit aptly in the plot. The first few scenes are nail-biting involving the war and showing the brutality of the Iraqi soldiers, and the movie keeps getting better and better.

Director Raja Krishna Menon is excellent when it comes to researching and bringing to you a long-forgotten saga from the history in a way that it is also visually appealing. The movie has elements of humour, romance, drama, war and patriotism all induced in one.


On the whole, we are proud to be part of an era where Bollywood is capable of delivering such real life wonders. The overall emotional connect and patriotic feel that the movie possesses is definitely a thing that will move every single person and makes this film a must watch this weekend. Rating : 3.75/5

Reviewed by Neha Prashar Gupta