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Updated at 05.33 PM

Thanks for joining our live updates. Keep watching this space for complete movie review.

Updated at 05.31 PM

The movie has now come to an end now.

Updated at 05.27 PM

Climax scenes on now.

Updated at 05.25 PM

Both Badal and Shaban Azmi and starting to show true colors, movie heading towards climax.

Updated at 05.20 PM

Twist in the tale Badal comes to know about Matru and Bijli's love affair and starts plotting with his mom, Shabana Azmi.

Updated at 05.12 PM

Matru and Bijli get some time off and confess their love for each other.

Updated at 05.06 PM

Movie is moving into serious mode and Mandola(Pankaj Kapoor) also gets involved.

Updated at 05.01 PM

They start fighting along with the villagers against the rude policies set by Shabana Azmi and Badal.

Updated at 04.51 PM

This is also the time when the village is in trouble because of the rude policies imposed by Badal and his mom Shabana Azmi .

Updated at 04.41 PM

Post Interval scene shifts back to the lead pair. Bijli expresses her love to Matru and says she is not ready to marry Badal.

Updated at 04.25 PM

Scenes shifts to serious mode as Mandola(Pankaj Kapoor) comes to know about matru's love for Bijli and gets upset. Interval time..

Updated at 04.18 PM

Twist in the tale, Bijli and Matru are not only childhood friends but also love each other secretly.

Updated at 04.12 PM

Now enters Matru(Imran Khan) who is the driver of Mandola(Pankaj Kapur) and also Bijli's childhood friend

Updated at 04.06 PM

Celebration song 'Oye Boy Charlie' is on. Anuskha Sharma shows crazy dance moves

Updated at 04.01 PM

Both parents, Shabana Amzi and Pankaj Kapoor agree for Bijli and Badal's marriage

Updated at 03.49 PM

Scene shifts to Badal(Arya Babbar) who loves Bijli very much and wants to marry her

Updated at 03.41 PM

The hot and happening Anushka Sharma makes an rocking entry as Bijli daughter of Mandola(Pankaj Kapoor)

Updated at 03.33 PM

The scene shifts to a rich lady's house played by Shabana Azmi, Arya Babbar also makes an entry as her son

Updated at 03.20 PM

The story is based in a village which is named after Mandola(Pankaj Kapoor)

Updated at 03.14 PM

The movie starts with the scene showcasing Matru(Imran Khan) and Mandola

Updated at 03:05 PM

Hello Folks. We will bring you live updates from Imran Khan's 'Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola' in a minute or two.. Keep watching this space.

- Neha Gupta
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