Published On: Sat, Aug 8th, 2015

We just love Uday Chopra’s idea about the food show

Uday Chopra is known for his quirky tweets, but the actor’s recent tweets are really impressive. The Chopra junior says that he would like to start a food show which will feed hungry people.

In his several tweets, he wrote, “When I think about how many people go hungry each day, I feel guilty about all the food shows on TV. I know it’s entertainment but still…I’d like to start a food show that feeds the hungry…a competition to see who feeds the most people…what say? I’ll host it, if they’ll have me. We go to temples, gurdwaras, mosques etc and feed the people who need it most. Winning team feeds the most.”

Uday is currently establishing YRF internationally. And it won’t be surprising if he starts a food show like this out there.