Published On: Tue, Jul 21st, 2015

Shraddha’s pet project

Shraddha Kapoor tends to her ailing dog. Shraddha loves her pet dog Shyloh. She has him for the last 3 and half years and absolutely adores him. Shyloh has been under the weather for the last couple of days. He has fever and bad stomach because of which he has been on medication. Shraddha has been worried and has taken him to the vet twice. Infact the young actress has also cancelled her meetings or shifted the urgent ones at home because she does not like the idea of leaving him. Shraddha has been tending to him personally and has been giving him medication time to time. Shraddha adores him and has been really upset about Shyloh being unwell.

Shraddha shares “Shyloh is the sweetest little dog, always warm and friendly. He is the apple of our eyes. In the last couple of days he has been unwell and has been sitting in one corner. I guess, it’s because of the weather change… He is on medication and is resting. He will recover soon.”