Published On: Thu, May 30th, 2013

Salma Agha thanks the audiences for accepting Sasheh in ‘Aurangzeb’

Pakistani singer and actress Salma Agha who was popular in the eighties recently saw her daughter Sasheh Agha make her Bollywood acting and singing debut with the YashRaj production ‘Aurangzeb’. Salma says that she is happy that the audiences accepted her daughter Sasheh in her debut film when she said, “I appreciated Sasheh (and her work) in the film. Although in the film, her role was not much lengthy, but she was a solo lead and people saw depth in her dialogue delivery, music. They loved her song ‘Barbaadiyan’. I am grateful to people for giving so much love and appreciation to her.”

Salma also revealed some of the tips that she had given to Sasheh saying, “I told her to be very cooperative with people while production, work very hard, not to worry about the looks so much, to be a performer and come up with some good songs. She writes music as well, so very soon, she is coming out with her single also and we are very excited about it.”