Published On: Tue, Nov 24th, 2015

Run through Ranbir-Deepika’s memorable train journey


Ranbir Kapoor fulfilled Deepika Padukone’s wish by taking her on a train journey to Delhi from Mumbai.

The duo along with director Imtiaz Ali and the crew have now completed the journey and have a lot of memories to take back home.

Right from getting into the train, they have enjoyed every little thing that people usually do in a train with friends ; like dancing, singing songs, eating together, listening to music, eating the train food, playing games and getting off at the stops.

Here is a timely update of their train journey.

3:20 pm – Ranbir-Deepika arrived at Mumbai Central station to Board an Express Train to the capital city, Delhi. The station witnessed a fan frenzy as the Tamsha Team arrived at the main entrance. They then proceeded to the station masters office to wait for their train’s announcement.

4:00 pm – The Express arrived on schedule and the actors proceeded to board the Express.

4:15 pm – Ranbir turned Photographer as he began clicking pictures of the Team from his Go Pro camera. The actor carried the camera as a part of his traveling essential in order to capture and treasure moments from the Rail Journey.

4:30 pm – Ranbir, Deepika and Imtiaz sipped on some Coconut Water.

5:00 pm – As all train journey’s begin, The Tamasha team was visited by a Ticket Checker. The actors, after getting their respective tickets checked posed with the TC for pictures.

5:30 pm – Deepika Padukone and Director Imtiaz Ali tasted the ‘Special Coffee’ served in the train.

6:00 pm – Nearing sunset, the trio, with Ranbir Kapoor choosing to take up the window seat followed by Deepika and Imtiaz glanced through the window, mesmerized by the scenic beauty.

7:00 pm – Deepika Padukone, who was in charge of the picnic basket did a fairly good job at that with all sorts of interesting food items for the entire team traveling on the train.

8:27 pm – Team Tamasha’s train reached the first stop of its journey at Vadodara station for 10 minutes. The word of mouth that the train with Bollywood’s Golden Pair is to arrive at the station spread like wild fire amidst the Vadodara audiences.
The platform of the station also witnessed a large media turnout awaiting to catch glimpses of the actors. Ranbir and Deepika graciously obliged to address the crowd and even posed for pictures. They even had a brief interaction with the Vadodara media who turned up at the station on hearing of the actors travel.

9:00 pm – Ranbir Deepika and Imtiaz went to the pantry of the train to order their dinner where they gorged on a few samples of delicious food and they even interacted with the chefs present there.

11:00 pm – Deepika made the night special as she had a surprise package for everyone. She carried a Karaoke Kit to party in the train; the music box played all the popular tracks that Ranbir, Deepika, Imtiaz and the team danced to for hours.

3:00 am – The train made its second halt at Kota station. The chilled night witnessed a huge crowd along with media awaiting Team Tamasha’s arrival. The actors along with Imtiaz stepped out of the Train todrink Tea from a tea stall on the platform. They also greeted the crowd at the station and posed for pictures.

4:00 am – Team Tamasha visited the upper berth and turned the lights off.

7:55 am – The train reached its destination on schedule. The Tamasha team experienced a warm welcome at Delhi Station.

Both Ranbir and Deepika, who were very excited for the journey are glad that they took this journey. They have a lot of good and fun memories to take back home of this overnight journey.