Published On: Sat, Nov 28th, 2015

Reasons behind Karisma’s U-turn on divorce

Former Bollywood star Karisma Kapoor’s marital life has always been a bumpy ride. For years, Karisma has been in an off and on relationship with her Delhi-based industrialist husband Sanjay Kapur. Finally, the estranged couple applied for a divorce with mutual consent last year. The divorce was hailed as the most-expenive Bollywood divorce ever.

However, Karisma recently took a major U-turn and withdrew her consent from the divorce petition. Apparently, Sanjay was suppoed to agree to certain financial commitments within six months from the time the couple signed the consent papers. However, Sanjay allegedly took no initiative from his side. Karisma’s lawyer accued Sanjay Kapur of not being able to comply with the monetary commitments signed by the couple in the consent terms earlier.

Things soon turned out ugly with the couple’s lawyers accusing each others of non-accompliance, following which Sanjay’s lawyer stated that they too have filed a petition to withdraw their consent alleging Karisma’s non-compliance. The court has asked the couple to be present for a further hearing today.