Published On: Sun, Dec 27th, 2015

Ramgopal Varma planned Veerappan movie 12 years ago!


Maverick director Ramgopal Varma’s much awaited flick, Killing Veerappan is finally set to hit the marquee on January 1st. The thriller movie will have a simultaneous release in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages.

Meanwhile, the Satya director is busy promoting his movie widely. Speaking about the movie, the director said, “The subject of Veerappan has always fascinated me. 12 years ago, I was to produce Let’s Catch Veerappan that dealt with the subject of catching Veerappan for reward money. When that movie was about to start, Veerappan was killed. So, I had to shelve that project. At last, my desire has come true with this movie.”

Killing Veerappan features Kannada superstar Shivraj Kumar in lead role while Delhi based theater artist Sandeep Bharadwaj will be seen as Veerappan.