Published On: Tue, Mar 1st, 2016

Prabhas’ unusual way of fitness

When Prabhas showcased his bare body in the magnum opus Baahubali, thousands of girls across the country were drooling over him.

The actor worked immensely for hours each day to reach his goals and the result is well seen in his last blockbuster. However the one thing that kept him going was having his gym equipment’s being outdoor. Prabhas is a nature lover in the true sense. The actor loves being around the natural environment.

He prefers spending most of his time in his garden which he has kept so wild and raw. Prabhas has mixed the his love for nature and being fit and the actor has been practicing outdoor fitness for quite some time now. One can also make this out when we visit Prabhas residence in Hyderabad. The actor has set up an unusual and a rare looking gym which also has a touch of the natural plants and trees.

Prabhas also feels that outdoor fitness activities like running or cycling are helpful and so the actor also has been doing the two on a regular interval. When you work out in open spaces, you are breathing fresher air which is better than the air conditioned room that you usually work out in.

The actress is currently prepping for the sequel of Bahubali which the actor is immensely involved in.