Published On: Sat, Mar 19th, 2016

Kangana and Hrithik were engaged?

The curious case of Hrithik and Kagana’s ugly spat has taken a new turn. While the two are busy accusing each other and slapping legal notices, a source revealed that the duo were actually engaged.

Yes shocking as it is, the source revealed that Hrithik had indeed been in a relation ship with Kagana even while he was with Suzane. The actor proposed to Kagana the moment he filed a divorce and asked her to marry her. An elated Kanagana said yes and they even got engaged, however after Hrtihik got close to his Bang-Bang co-star Katrina, he started avoiding Kagana.

He simply told her that he misunderstood his intentions. Duggu then tried getting back to Kagana due to her closeness with a younger actor, but they finally grew apart. Phew! now that’s a lot for us to take in.