Published On: Mon, Jan 25th, 2016

Kajol speaks up on intolerance

Kajol is an actress who does not mince her words.Known in the B’town to be extremely honest and vociferous she recently,at a launch said that Bollywood is not intolerant.

In the ongoing Jaipur Literary Festival Kajol said “There are no dividing lines,no cast,no creed,no intolerance in Bollywood”. While her pal Karan Johar who was also at the fest created a storm by saying there is no freedom of speech in India,previously SRK and Aamir Khan were in soup for their remarks on Intolerance.When asked about their statements she refused to comment and concluded saying people have become oversensitive these days.

Looks like Kajol is not the same boat as her pals or is she playing safe?