Published On: Mon, Aug 3rd, 2015

Irrfan Khan bowls over fans and Bollywood with his SWAG!

There are some things in life that one usually doesn’t imagine, like Irrfan Khan showing his SWAG and swinging to the tunes of an over-the-top party song! Everyone knows him as a serious actor but he successfully proves them wrong this time. The usually reserve Irrfan Khan had the whole world going gaga over his never-seen-before party animal avatar in a hilarious video, with popular Indian comedy group All India Backchod! Only an actor of Irrfan’s caliber could have pulled this hilarious stunt with a straight face! Yup, among all that noise and a techni-color background, Irrfan remains eerily calm sending the audience in bouts of laughter. For the first time ever he is seen donning a red hat, cool sunglasses, while dancing by the poolside with Bikinis clad girls. Some of Bollywood’s finest personalities and the audience have praised the actor for his sense of humour.