Published On: Thu, Jul 23rd, 2015

Introducing you to the World of Bangistan

As part of the promotional campaign of Bangistan, the makers are now introducing Bangistan as a new country in the making. Below are some of the facts about this country.

Bangistan is welcoming new citizens. Anyone interested in being part of this country can register online at

Notable facts about the Country:

– Official Languages: Hindi, Urdu
– Currency: Bangs (420 Bangs = $1 US)
– National Animal: Lamb
– National Bird :Dove
– The political system comprises of several small ragtag groups, including Al Kaam-Tamaam in the North, and Maa Ka Dal in the South.

The national publication is The Bangistan Times which promises quirky interesting news with rapidity

Hangout places in Bangistan:

Star*ucks कॉफ़ी™: Star*ucks™ is South Bangistan’s most trendy and happening coffee shop. The joint prides itself for using only fresh cow milk, brought in directly from the next-door tabela/farm. Coffee is served here in traditional earthen cups known as kulhads, as well as in hand-painted takeaway cups.

– FcDonalds™: FcDonalds™ is North Bangistan’s most popular restaurant, and it’s reputation of serving ‘Killer Fast Food’ is well earned.

– Chaandistan: Chaandistan the only place in the world where one can observe moon-like terrain. Locals believe it to be the patch of the earth from which the moon broke off during the formation of the universe.

Badminton Ghat: Badminton Ghat is the most prominent of many ghats along the River Baingan. It derives its name from the Sadhus-only annual badminton competition held here. It is also a popular evening hangout spot for the youth of South Bangistan.