Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

Imran gets the first hand on a lot of cars

Huge brands of cars like to hand over their new car models to Imran Khan before they enter the markets for everyone to use.

Imran Khan, who himself owns a Ferrari is a known car fanatic. He has a good amount of knowledge on the different kind of cars.

Imran has the correct judgement on various models of cars. So much so that the actor is requested by brands across board to test drive their cars and also give his review to them before they launch.

Even most of the friends and family also reach out to Imran for his advice on which cars they should buy.

Ask Imran about this and the actor, who is currently in America says, “I have always loved cars. I enjoy going on long drives, reading up about them and better my knowledge. And I do it all out of passion and love. I find cars stunning and beautiful, and I have far more interest in them than bikes. So it’s good to get to test drive models before they’re launched. I hope my feedback is useful.”