Published On: Wed, Jan 6th, 2016

Divya Dutta’s single wish !


Critically acclaimed and one of the underrated actress, Divya Dutta has been on the Bollywood screen for quite a while only to be noted in the recent times. Riding high on her character oriented roles is nothing new for her but boy she does it without all that hype.

Talking about her new movie ‘Chalk and Cheese’, where she shares the screen space with veterans like Shabana Ami and Juhi, Divya quips,”I have always loved Shabana ji and Juhi is such a fun person to work with”.

Having worked with many actors in the industry, Divya is happy with all the attention but has one wish “I haven’t worked with Aamir Khan yet and I really wish to do a film him”, she says

What happens when the critically acclaimed actors come together? It sure will be a power house of performance. Lets wait for that to happen then!