Published On: Fri, Dec 11th, 2015

Director Pan Nalin gets death threats

Pan Nalin, the director of the much-discussed female bonding film, Angry Indian Goddesses, claimed that he has been getting threatening calls and death threat messages from people who got offended by his film’s content terming it ‘anti-Indian’.

Angry Indian Goddesses first made news when the CBFC suggested 16 cuts to the film and also when moral watchers did not appreciate the lesbian love track in the film. Speaking to a national news agency, Pan Nalin revealed some of the abusing messages like, ‘How dare you blaspheme Hinduism through Angry Indian Goddesses? We will make sure you go Charlie Hebdo way!’

However, Pan Nalin says that he is unfazed by the threats and will not allow himself to be terrorized by the abusers. After a decent success in the film festival circuit, Angry Indian Goddesses had its theatrical release on December 4.