Published On: Fri, Apr 3rd, 2015

Did Ashutosh following the footsteps of SLB?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali was the first director in Bollywood to ban mobile on his sets to avoid any leaks. Now, the ‘Lagaan’ director Ashutosh Gowariker has followed the footsteps of SLB and prohibited the use of mobiles on the sets of his highly anticipated historical film ‘Mohenjo Daro’ to prevent leaks.

Ashutosh has also instructed the cast and crew to avoid bringing their family on the sets. Interestingly, Ashutosh did not ban Hrithik from bringing his family on the sets but Hrithik has decided to stand by Ashutosh’s rules.

‘Mohenjo Daro’ also features debutante Pooja Hegde as the female lead and the film is set in the backdrop of the Harappan civilization. This highly anticipated film is slated to release in early next year.