Published On: Tue, Apr 28th, 2015

Bombay Velvet set construction took 11 months

Anurag Kashyap’s period drama Bombay Velvet is set in Bombay of the 60’s. The director has recreated Bombay of that period. They needed Bombay to look like it did in the 60’s, so they recreated the entire city. It was a huge task replicating the city and they left no stone unturned. The set of the film was constructed in Sri Lanka and the team recreated Bombay in an area of 9.5 acres there. They spent 11 months constructing the set and the entire set was built from scratch.

From buildings to the interiors of the buildings, everything was designed, created and built from scratch. While they laid the foundations of buildings and laid out roads for the set, they even looked into minute details and like signage and interiors and décor. The team of Bombay Velvet went to great lengths to replicate Bombay of the 1960’s and Anurag has made sure that everything is in sync with that era.