Published On: Fri, Jan 1st, 2016

​​Rishi Kapoor gives a piece of mind to his trolls

Rishi Kapoor never shies away from speaking his mind and in the process, he invites several unwanted controversies. In his latest goof up, Rishi rather got too naughty while wishing Twinkle Khanna on her birthday a couple of days ago.

Rishi tweeted laced with an innuendo, “Happy Birthday dear one! You were in your mums tummy when I was serenading her in Bobby” Aksar kou Ladka” in 1973 lol”. Soon, twitteratis shot back at Rishi saying that it is biologically impossible and that he should have followed some public decency.

Witnessing the unexpected backlash, an angry Rishi shot back at his trolls by tweeting​, ​”Kakaji-Dimple married in March’73. Bobby released Sept 28th ’73. Twinkle born 29th Dec ’73.This clarification should rest some of the idiots.”